Budget Plan

We can’t predict the weather but we can help you predict your heating oil costs. Since you pay the majority of your heating costs during the winter months it can quickly eat up your monthly budget. To avoid the winter heating budget spike, you can enroll in Atlantic Oil’s Budget Plan.  Based upon your prior year’s deliveries we calculate your oil usage and charge your monthly flat rate on the 15th of each month using EFT. Enrollment is free and typically started in the spring so we can estimate your total heating expenses for the next year, based on past usage. 


NOTE: Your monthly cost can increase as the plan relies on estimates to set your monthly payment and can fluctuate depending upon market and weather conditions. We actively monitor your usage and may recommend a payment adjustment to avoid an outstanding balance, similarly an excess balance at the end of the 12 months can be refunded or rolled into the following year’s budget plan. To learn more about Atlantic Oil’s budget plan, contact us today.

Pricing & Discounts—Residential Heating Oil

Atlantic Oil offers residential volume discounts as well as the best pricing discounts to automatic delivery customers. Our standard discount pricing starts with orders of 125 gallons or more while most other companies have 150-gallon delivery minimums at higher prices. If you order online there are no additional fees for credit card payments. To get today’s price based upon your order quantity, log on to your account or create an account now. Find out firsthand why Atlantic Oil is the area’s original low-cost heating oil supplier.