Heating Oil vs. Natural Gas: Making the Right Choice

When you live in New England, home heating is something you depend on nearly 6 months out of the year! Selecting a fuel type is an important choice that affects the safety and comfort of your family. The good news is this choice doesn’t have to be difficult. Homeowners across New England continue to use safe, clean heating oil to stay warm through the seasons. Here’s why:

Benefits of Heating Oil

  • Value
    Heating oil continues to be an affordable heating option. In fact, heating oil has a greater heat output than natural gas – which means it uses less fuel to produce more heat. Additionally, heating oil requires no surcharge to use, unlike natural gas.
  • Green
    Heating oil is now cleaner and greener than ever with the transition to ultra-low sulfur heating oil, which produces significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than natural gas. Natural gas is made from methane, which is very harmful to our environment. Atlantic Oil uses heating oil that is a blended renewable biodiesel.  Biodiesel is produced from renewable resources, such as animal fats, plant oils and recycled grease and helps produce a smaller carbon footprint than other fuels.
  • Efficient
    Modern oil heating technology is extremely efficient. High-efficiency oil heating systems emit near-zero levels of pollution. Not to mention, these super-efficient systems help customers use less oil: and they even take up less space in your basement. Oil burns at an 85% average efficiency rate and burns 400 degrees hotter than natural gas offering more BTUs.
  • Abundant
    Most of the heating oil used in the United States is actually obtained and refined in America.
  • Service
    If you choose natural gas, you must deal with big, faceless utility companies that are focused on customer service for their shareholders, not you. If you chose to purchase from Atlantic Oil than you would be supporting the local economy and would are partnered with a locally owned small business that strives to provided high quality customer service.  in addition, you can ask for us by name when contacting us.
  • Safety
    Heating oil is extremely safe. Unlike natural gas which is widely referred to as ‘the silent killer’, oil does not produce any harmful gases like carbon monoxide, it is also nonexplosive. This makes oil extremely safe for home use and it can be stored for long periods of time. If your heating oil system does malfunction, safety devices in the unit will typically turn off the system or exhibit warning signs.

It’s clear that heating oil is the best choice for heating your home or business safely and efficiently, while considering comfort, environmental, and service benefits, too. You can easily order heating oil from Atlantic Oil Company right here on our website.